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Dr. Peter Hill

Dr. Peter Hill

Is Keto or Low-Carb Expensive?

My patients have been successful on keto for over 20 years – long before any of those things even existed – and they’ve done just great. 

Dr Eric Westman is a world-renowned authority on low-carb and ketogenic diets and heads up the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at Duke University in the USA. This week he asks and answers an important question, which I too often hear in my practice: “Is keto expensive?”

Well, it can be expensive if you are going to eat Salmon or Fillet Steak every day, but not if you look at some of the keto or low-carb meal options that these experts have put together for you:

Back to Dr Westman and what he has to say in answer to the question, ‘Is keto expensive?’ 

“Have you put off trying this way of eating because you’re worried you’ll have to shell out big money for things like MCT oil, keto protein powders, exogenous ketones, and high-tech electronic gadgets to measure your ketone levels? 

Think again. 

My patients have been successful on keto for over 20 years – long before any of those things even existed – and they’ve done just great. 

The thing to know is, keto isn’t about what you eat; it’s about what you don’t eat: sugar and starch. Keep your total carbohydrate intake very low, and congratulations … you’ll be in ketosis! No expensive speciality foods or new-fangled technology needed. 

If you want to use keto for weight loss or improving a metabolic condition, like type 2 diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver, or many other issues, the secret is to have your own body make ketones. Avoid ketone supplements. You want your ketones to come from burning your body fat. And that happens when your blood sugar and insulin are low, thanks to a very low carb intake. 

And you don’t need to measure your ketones, because having higher ketones doesn’t make the diet work better or faster. Some people enjoy seeing the data, and that’s fine, but measuring is definitely not required. What makes keto effective for cardio-metabolic health issues aren’t really the ketones at all, but the lower blood glucose and insulin, and having a metabolism fuelled mostly by fat, rather than mostly by sugar. 

When you eat real food, keto can actually be less expensive than your previous diet. How? Well, you were already buying meats, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy, and vegetables – but on keto, you won’t be buying bread, pasta, rice, beans, cereal, pastries, sweets, and other sugary and starchy foods. Don’t be charmed by frivolous and unnecessary keto “products.” Stick to real food and your food budget will go a long way.” (

If you think you may have pre-diabetes or have Type 2 diabetes or if you are overweight (even very overweight) then please contact me a  I would like to help you try to reverse your condition, and perhaps even have you come off all or most of the medication you may be using.

I’m Dr Peter Hill at the Caleb Centre. Preventing People From Becoming Patients.

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