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Dr. Peter Hill

Dr. Peter Hill

Paul’s Journey…to date

"Dr Hill made me aware of the fact that 95% of the care that I needed I could give for myself, and he assisted me in collaboratively setting MY health-related goals, which would lead to a turnaround in my unhealthy behaviours."

My reflection on why I wish to become an accredited Caleb Self-Care Coach, and in doing so sharing something of what I intend doing with the knowledge and experience I have gained by completing the course.

“I did not sign-up for it.

For 27 years I was totally unaware of the harm that was being done to me, by our common enemy Satan, and myself, the latter as a result of medicating the pain arising from the effects of my speech impediment with food.

I was 27 when I went to our GP with the classic symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, not knowing that they were the classic symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.

My GP totally missed the classic symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and gave me antibiotics for whatever he thought needed treatment.

The extreme, un-quenchable thirst, the 5, 6 visits a night to the loo to urinate, the dizzy spells etc., did not go away.

Someone told me my sugar might be high, so I went back to my GP to tell him to measure my sugar level. He sent me to draw blood at the pathologists

After I had my blood taken I had to drive from Cape Town to Worcester and back, a 200km return journey, and I remembered buying a 500ml Coke when I departed for Worcester. It was raining heavily and it was challenging to keep the car on the road at some spots, and I was battling to concentrate. Got to Worcester, collected my documents I went for, bought a 500ml Fanta and started the return journey to Cape Town. My concentration was lapsing and I felt a tiredness come over me, so much so that I stopped the car to rest for 30 minutes, before I reached Cape Town.

I then heard the doctor was looking for me, and he told me my mmol reading was 22 and told me I need to be hospitalized to get my sugar under control.

I booked in at Panorama Medi-Clinic, and so my journey with mainstream medicine started.

I was introduced to an Endocrinologist, a skinny dietician (most dieticians are skinny and never had any weight issues it appears) and various other service providers hooked-up to the ‘system’. From my interaction with them I knew that I had to get my blood sugar down and stick to what the dietician wants me to eat, so that my mmol counts can be within the parameters they set. I had appointments with my Endocrinologist every 6 months, and one of the things I had to submit during a visit was schedules of my mmol counts, which I ended up making up, as I did not measure my mmol regularly.

Fast forward to the age of 46 and at that stage I find myself tired and severely obese weighing 149kg, taking two types of insulin in high dosage already, and majorly stressed out and not seeing myself getting to 50.

Mainstream medicine obviously failed miserably in their efforts to get and keep me healthy, and with the knowledge I now have as of the writing of this essay, I can state that they failed for the following reasons, amongst others:

  • They never got me involved in my own healthcare efforts
  • There was no collaborative goal setting to change my unhealthy habits which lead to my hospitalisation for Type 2 Diabetes
  • I only saw the Endocrinologist twice a year, and they never alerted me to the fact that 95% of the care that I needed I could do myself
  • They did not understand that Type 2 Diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance and not of high blood sugar levels, or they maybe knew it but ignored it, as my fasting insulin levels and my insulin resistance were never measured in the preceding 19 years!!
  • Most service providers, including my Endocrinologist and the skinny dieticians, did not suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, and they had no clue how I felt or the challenges I faced on a daily basis.

I wanted to share my stressed-out life position with someone and decided to share my challenges with a pastor whom I have never met before. By the grace of God, that was a life changing event, as the pastor put me in touch with Dr Peter Hill of the Caleb Centre, which specializes in obesity and related self-care.

The non-judgmental care and advice that followed, still to this day, facilitated the start of the turnaround in my health.

For the first 6 weeks, Dr Hill saw me on a weekly basis, then on a bi-weekly basis, as he knew I needed the regular interaction, in order to get my sinking health condition turned around. Dr Hill sent me for blood tests, and for the first time my fasting insulin and insulin resistance were tested and found to be extremely high.

Dr Hill made me aware of the fact that 95% of the care that I needed I could give for myself, and he assisted me in collaboratively setting MY health-related goals, which would lead to a turnaround in my unhealthy behaviors. Dr Hill gave me info and articles to read on my Type 2 Diabetes, so that I could be informed about my disease and encouraged to do what only I could do for myself.

In the first 9 months with Dr Hill I lost 30kgs and my blood results improved drastically. I was still insulin resistant, but it was much better than when measured for the first time.

I lost in total 35kgs in the first 11 months after seeing Dr Hill for the first time. I suddenly felt it becoming more difficult to keep to my healthy eating choices and battled for a few years to implement my healthy choices. I did gain a few kgs, not sure how much as I did not weigh myself, but I went from a size 38 to a size 42 pants in that period.

I realized that I was focusing on improving my eating habits but found that I had other issues in my life that needed attention, mainly emotional, relational and spiritual, and once I started to attend to those issues, and got the necessary breakthroughs with the help of the Holy Spirit, I started to lose weight again, and currently again in my size 38 pants.

That is what makes the PIERS self-care model, developed by Dr Hill, so effective and relevant to our whole person healing. This model recognizes 5 areas to be cared for, i.e. Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Relational and Spiritual, with the Spiritual component being at the center of it all

The PIERS model recognizes the fact that the solution for healing our chronic diseases of lifestyle is multi-faceted, and certainly not a one size fits all solution, as each individual’s story and challenges are different.

I have come to realize that the worst position to be in is not to know that you don’t know, and in my case, amongst others:

  • Not knowing that I don’t know there is an onslaught on my life from the first day of my life
  • Not knowing that I don’t know that excessive carbohydrate consumption is very bad for my health
  • Not knowing that I don’t know that 95% of the care that I needed I could give myself

I really got angry when I realized that we come into this life and no one tells us what life is all about, and what really matters. It appears as if there is an orchestrated effort against humanity to keep humanity from finding and applying truth about what really matters to live and enjoy our best lives.

I have found that peace and joy are the real goals humanity is striving for and the fullness of joy is indeed the ultimate destination, and that reaching fullness of joy is achievable for each individual finding truth about the original purpose for our creation and applying that truth in their lives.

Hence, the main reason for me wanting to become an accredited Caleb Self-Care Coach is to share and spread the truth about what really matters in order to live our healthiest lives, and to commit to lifelong application of truth in my life, for the exclusive glory of God, and to set the captives free from the lies and deception being perpetuated by mainstream medicine and the world at large, in the process.

I have come to realise that most people are totally unaware that they need to self-care and the amazing whole person health benefits resulting from self-care. It appears that most people are waiting on someone or something to bring an instant cure and / or relief for their health and life challenges.

So, my first port of call when qualifying as a Caleb Self-Care Coach, would be to promote self-care as a concept and way of life itself and I intend doing it by hosting regular in-person and / or zoom workshops. I also intend raising awareness for self-care by starting to use #selfcare in my tweets and Instagram posts

I would think it would be best to get my fellow human beings to buy into self-care before they enlist for the healthy living course that I will be presenting as a Caleb Self-Care Coach, as I think it would facilitate more attentiveness and adherence to what is promoted in the healthy living course.

I most certainly will strive to do all I do as a Caleb Self-Care Coach with the utmost humility. I will also strive to treat my students / patients with the greatest amount of respect and with a non-judgmental approach, fully recognizing it is their story and their life at stake, and I am only to assist in getting them to change their unhealthy behavior and not to define them as a result of the outcome of their unhealthy behavior.

I will strive to have tireless patience with my students / patients, as that is what I experienced firsthand from Dr Hill and for which I can never thank him enough. Dr Hill never saw me as a failure and would only encourage me to evaluate my failure in order to make the necessary correction going forward, for future success. THAT, was and is, priceless.

I strive to commit to lifelong learning and to learn as I teach, as I am mindful of the fact that we always have something to learn, being new facts or better ways of interacting with my students / patients in a more loving way. In the latter regard, I will strive to implement Dr Robert E Fisher’s 10 principles for speaking the language of love more fully each day in my interaction with my students / patients and those who cross my path of life.

I am also eager to prevent people becoming patients, one of the main aims of Dr Hill and The Caleb Centre. In this regard I will strive to connect with those individuals with access to the youth of the world so that I may share with them the vital need for self-care and the amazing benefits thereof, alerting them to the fact that, as Dave Ramsey puts it: ‘If you live like no one else, someday, you will live like no one else’, meaning if you decide to implement self-care at a young age, they will reap the amazing benefits of missing major surgical interventions etc in their later life.

As I subscribe to the idea that one cannot have a testimony without a test, I will continually be sharing the story of my life, for God’s glory and for encouragement to all who hear it to learn from my story so that their story may be a better story than mine.

I have found the course material to be excellent, and more amazing is the humility of Dr Hill to invite us to give feedback and input on the course material and how it can be approved.

Dr Hill is certainly walking his talk, and for the example I am grateful for.

I want to reach the world with the good news of self-care and how to achieve it, and more importantly with truth re the original purpose for our creation, and I am very mindful of the fact that we need to promote this in such a manner that we do not offend in bringing truth.

I think it is imperative that coaches be followers and disciples of Jesus Christ, lead by the Holy Spirit, as I submit that the solution to chronic diseases of lifestyle firstly originates in the spirit realm, and that coaches need to be lead by the Holy Spirit in order to discern where and what the root cause is of the negative happening in the body.

Most people do not understand that we are a spirit, we have a soul, we live in a body, and that the order of importance is, spirit, soul and body. Because we are a spirit, we are exposed to the spiritual realm, where the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness operates, and by which we are influenced by because we are a spirit. Future coaches need to be made aware of this, especially how both kingdoms operate and what they offer, and at some stage during our interaction with our students ask them if we could share that bigger picture view.

Learning to speak the language of love, is critical for our interaction with students / patients, and I would submit that Dr Robert E Fisher’s 10 principles for speaking the language of love be include in the programme.

I believe that renewal of our mind with our new ideals and attitudes are vital to overcome toxic thoughts, words and behavior. I am willing to offer my input on how to do it, based on my experience in this regard.

On goal setting, I submit that the setting of daily goals is encouraged, as life is a daily event, and we only have the present to chase after our goals in order to free us from unhealthy thoughts, words and behavior.

Lastly, I humbly suggest that coaches be encouraged to read my book, Fulness of joy – the ultimate destination, found in posts at where I share what I found to be truth about the original purpose of our creation, and how living that truth leads to fullness of joy.

In closing, I want to thank God for what He has done for me and for His amazing grace over my life. I could not be alive today, if it was not for His amazing grace. I want to thank and acknowledge my wife Elmarie, who has stood with me through these years despite the pain and anguish she suffered from having a front row seat on my life while destroying my life with food, resulting from making food my best friend instead of God. I will certainly strive to make up for the pain suffered in this regard and trust God to restore what the locust have stolen and for the most amazing years together going forward. I want to thank Dr Hill for this amazing opportunity to become a Caleb Self-Care Coach, something that I sense God has prepared me for all these years, and that I will strive to be the best I can in all I do and say and to strive to spread the good news of self-care for as long as I live and to encourage others to do the same along the way.”

Paul Odendaal

Protea Valley

13 June 2021

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