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Learn how to combat lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as being overweight or obese, being at risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, most cancers, Alzheimer’s and more.

5 Pillars to Healthy Living

Most available lifestyle-related interventions are focused only on either diet, or exercise or medication use, with little or no attention given to empowering the ‘whole-person’ to be able to care for themselves and their families. This 6 week Healthy Living programme is focused in helping you to improve your capacity for self-care across all five domains of what it means to be human: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Relational and Spiritual.

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Improved understanding

You will have an improved understanding of the nature and consequences of having lifestyle-related chronic conditions, whether it is simply being overweight, or being at risk for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers or dementia.

Access to evidence-based thinking

You will be exposed to the latest evidence-based thinking on the causes of these conditions and diseases beyond what is available in the popular media. Importantly, the workshop format encourages you to identify and act on the ‘reasons beneath the reasons’.

Develop tailored or personal solutions

Having identified the barriers to self-care and understood the drivers, you will be able to develop tailored or personal solutions that work for you. By the end of the 6 week course, you will be able to adapt, adopt and apply your new empowering knowledge and skills in improving your health and that of your family.

Much More

Keeping the main thing the main thing. What and when to eat. Planning meals and snacks for ALL occasions. Interpreting food labels. Setting exercise goals. Using medicines and supplements appropriately. Addressing emotional triggers. Tapping into ongoing whole person support.

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About Dr Hill

Dr Peter Hill PhD, earned a doctorate in patient behaviour in Type 2 diabetes mellitus at Rhodes University in South Africa.

Part of his doctoral studies included undergoing training in Chronic Disease Self-Management at the Patient Education Centre at Stanford University in the USA.

His post-doctoral studies, practice, teaching and research are focused on the role of self-care in preventing and treating chronic diseases of lifestyle such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. He taught a number elective courses focused on chronic disease selfcare, conducted a number of self-care workshops and mentored more than 150 nurses and health coaches employed in the private healthcare sector in South Africa.

Workshop Breakdown

More about the course
Workshop 1
Introduction to Healthy Living

You will be introduced to the concepts of whole-person self-care and the ‘5 Pillars of Healthy Living’, which forms the basis of the programme.

Workshop 2
Healthy Living Pillar no.1

“Food as Medicine”. Our food is responsible for about 90% of our metabolic problems. If food is 90% of the problem, then it must hold the key to about 90% of the solution.

Workshop 3
Healthy Living Pillar no.2

“Get Moving”, which deals with exercise and physical activity in general.

Workshop 4
Healthy Living Pillar no.3

Here we deal with any ongoing prescription medication or supplements which you may be using. 

Workshop 5
Healthy Living Pillar no.4

We are emotional beings and you will learn how to identify and deal with emotional triggers which are otherwise able to derail your journey to better health.

Workshop 6
Healthy Living Pillar no.5...and more

This is an extended workshop. We discuss the key roles that faith, family and friends are able to play in supporting health, and time will also be set aside for Q&A.

Course Info

• DURATION: 6 WEEKS (1 x 60min online session per week)

• HOW: Once signed-up, you will receive your Zoom link

• NO. OF PARTICIPANTS: maximum of 6 people per small group (first come first serve basis)

Contact us for latest pricing and course start dates.

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It’s largely accepted that what we think about plays a role in some psychological disorders. But can we think ourselves into a physical disease state? It certainly appears so, if we accept that our body’s response to stress includes the production of chemicals that can make us sick.

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Currently, there are no effective treatments, let alone cures, for Alzheimer’s. Nothing – the medicine chest is empty! Fortunately, we have prevention to turn to.

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Injecting insulin, for people with Type 2 diabetes, may thus compound the underlying insulin resistance and worsen the very condition the insulin is supposed to treat – truly a vicious circle.

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Meds & Supplements

“…Several scientists working in this area of healthcare suggest that it makes good sense to first prevent the condition . But what we find is that most of us rely on medicines, which often only address the symptoms and not the cause of these chronic diseases…”

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Paul’s Journey…to date

“Dr Hill made me aware of the fact that 95% of the care that I needed I could give for myself, and he assisted me in collaboratively setting MY health-related goals, which would lead to a turnaround in my unhealthy behaviours.”

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Get Moving

“You may not be able to outrun a bad diet but exercise is still good for you.”

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Food As Medicine

We need to get into the habit of seeing our food as medicine, and not just as fuel for energy.

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Delicious Budget Friendly Family Keto Meal Plans

You can reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes Risk Test

If you score 5 or higher then you may be at increased risk for prediabetes and thus at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes


Real life stories of how lives were changed by Caleb Centre's 6 week healthy living course
man, black, victory
For the first time after 13 years I am wearing L size, I can find clothes in shops, and have lost almost 24 kg in less than a year. I know I'm never going to get it back because its a change in my behaviour. ...Like I said most people write about success stories of their weight loss. And that’s it. It’s called a success story because it is already over. It’s like a trophy that they’ve earned after working so hard. While I really admire them for that, I also want to write about a life changing healthy style by not doing it alone. But by doing it with like-minded people who would be going through this journey with me for a life time.
The effect of the applied self-care lessons was visible and felt within weeks. Energy was back and we were emotionally feeling well in our bodies and mind. I was reminded of the following Proverb: A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. The benefit of being followed up by a personal mentor on a regular basis, stirring up our spirit to move forward and achieving short term goals is matchless and Amazing. What was unbelievable was that I was losing weight without doing exercise as my physical condition did not allow me to do so but I was eating joyfully and enjoying my meals which was not the case with previous diets that we've tried before.
Most of my adult life was spent in an overweight situation +/- 118kg at the age of 34. Now at the age of 74 I weigh 78kg. Net loss of 40kg's. I battled for a long time with being Insulin Resistant. I was ready to give up when after being on Dr Peter Hill's programme, I started losing 1.5 kg of weight every month. My latest blood tests show a very low PSA & also all my other Blood tests are very good. I do this yearly & strongly recommend this to be done by all. If you are battling with Diabetes or Obesity contact Dr Peter Hill, he can help you.

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